The Poetics of Gourmet 奉食主義


The hotpot restaurant is located in the lobby of the railway station. Constant flows of people move around more than ten restaurants nearby. We define the restaurant as a place for people to eat and relax their eyes and bodies. Therefore the basic color scheme of the interior is light grey to distinguish it from other shops while providing strong contrasts for the color of fresh foods with clear divisions of the dining area, walkways, and the kitchen.


Translucent panels and clear glass panel serve as the dividing windows between inside and outside. The metal screens and their components attract the sight lines of passengers while providing appropriate privacy for the consumers. The white and grey colors of the floor and ceiling of the interior match the clean and airy materiality. Hanging on the main wall are the hand-crafted plant decorations combined with unique cookware as if paintings in a gallery exhibition. The evergreen plants line up on the raised seating area by the window.


The integration of vertical and horizontal lines on the tables, chairs, countertops, and cabinets strikes the chords of forte and pianoforte like a sonata. The seating area is placed next to the wall. The spacious central walkway is for serving the foods. The dark grey panels hanging on the ceiling, where light fixtures and pipelines are collected, echo the seating below. The constantly intersecting horizontal and vertical lines extend from the ceiling to the floor. The embedded copper inlays on the terrazzo flooring accentuate the serene surrounding and enliven the atmosphere of the dining space.